Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wedding Post 5: Ring Ceremony and Dinner

We were supposed to be up at the Boettcher Mansion at 5 to take pictures with our photographer for an hour and to help set everything up for the ring ceremony at 6:30. Well, we didn't leave the hotel until around 4:45, so we showed up almost a half hour late. That kind of set everyone off at a rushed pace. We wandered around the property for 45 minutes taking more beautiful pictures.

Before I show more photos I have to give credit to our AMAZING photographer. Debi and Amanda Tipton of Kokoro Photography did an amazing job!

(the one below is my very favorite photo...SO pretty!)

Things started to slip back on the schedule, but it was good because quite a few of our guests got a little lost finding the mansion. Exchanging wedding rings is not part of the wedding ceremony in the temple. Therefore, we decided to have a special ring exchange ceremony at the Boettcher mansion with just our friends and family so that everyone could be included in our special day.

As I looked through the weathered stone archway onto a patio filled with our best friends I again got a little choked up. We asked a dear friend, our church bishop, to officiate in the ring ceremony and I could see him standing there, eyes full of proud tears for us. The ear doctor and I decided again to hold hands and walk down the aisle together, as a unit, a husband and wife. There was no music playing, just the wind in the pines and the chirping of birds, exactly the kind of Colorado scene I was hoping for.

As the bishop offered us more advice I smiled and again was filled with awe for the ear doctor. What an amazing man! I extended my hand and the ear doctor slipped the beautiful wedding band onto my finger. I did the same for him.

Right after the ring ceremony we asked our family to join us for dinner in the main room. Despite the whole debacle with the flowers, I thought it came together nicely. Actually, when I entered the room it took my breath away a bit. Making sure to have everything go together was SO important for me. I was so happy when the whole thing came together.

The food was really great! I've still been getting comments on the food, so that is a pretty great sign. I snarfed my food down as quickly as humanly possible because I wanted to stand up and start talking to all of my friends. I wanted to make sure that everyone really knew how much it meant that they were there for me.


katieandkelly said...

Congratulations on your new marriage! I can tell you that I had no idea how fun being married would be. Your pictures are so great. You two look very happy!

I have a friend getting married at that same venue in two weeks! Unfortunately, we are not making the trip to Colorado, but I looks like a great place.

Smellanor said...

I have been waiting for these posts for weeks. I keep checking and checking and vwaalaa...
You both look beautiful and I am heartbroken that I couldn't be there, but know I have been thinking of you both everyday, hoping that they have been blissful for you two. Luvs from us...

Anth said...

I was so focused on "holy crap I just married this awesome guy!" that I didn't spend as much time talking to all my friends and family as I wish I had. Plus, I'm shy in big groups. So the mingling at the receptions is not something I did well. Oh well. I'm glad you were there! And I'm so happy for you - it looks like your wedding and reception were fabulous!

PS I'm a slacker. Your wedding gift will arrive soon! And sorry it's late!