Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is me...still stalling

We still haven't found the computer cord. Instead, I'm going to share something with you that the ear doctor does that has made me smile every single morning.

He has to get up and go to work before I do. His commute is 45 minutes and mine is 10, so I get to sleep in longer than he does.

When he leaves the house, he locks the door behind him. I'm still in the house and probably will leave only 30 minutes behind him, but I'm locked in. We don't live in a crime riddled neighborhood...quite the opposite. Our complex is part of a gated, golf course community.

I'm not sure if this locking-the-house-even-though-someone-is-still-in-it is a habit of his or what, but I like to think that he does it so that I am protected from any crazy people coming in the apartment while he isn't there to look after me.

And I think that is pretty cute.


trs said...

It is cute.

One locks their house to protect their valuables. Looks like you count as a valuable!

I must be like you. I only lock my door when I'm out and when I go to bed. My guy wants me to lock it all the time and always use the deadbolt. He's changing me!
It's great to have someone who cares about you.

Anonymous said...

Hee! I've lived with my boyfriend for years, and he's always done that EXACT same thing (even if I'm leaving in roughly 2 minutes). And I completely agree -- TOO cute. And I love it. :)


Katie said...


Did you used to have a blog? What happened to that?

trs said...

Yes, I did.
When they changed over to google or gmail accounts my passwords got all confused and fouled up.

When I have time to track down the right ones, I'll try to straighten it out.

I know! I want to blog about my great guy... but I have neither the time nor the correct passwords!


cady said...

my hubby does that too. i think it's cute also. :)

kate said...

my partner leaves at 5 in the morning for his job, and he turns on the heater (we're in Australia), and locks the front door.

trs said...


link to my old blog :

I'd like to get back to it. But my focus has changed. I just read through my old posts, pleased now that I have my man to distract me from all that... and that I hopefully never have go through that single BS again!


cropstar5 said...

so sweet!
i love love loved all your wedding posts btw. looks like it was a gorgeous event! how fun.

Venessa Ryan said...

Dude, I'm in a cube...not supposed to be laughing! :-)

Miss you!