Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I'm listening to Christmas music today. I just can't help myself. And this year there are only 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I feel fully justified in starting my little secret celebration early.

It's not like I'm trying to short change Thanksgiving in any way. How could a food person such as myself try to rush past the one American holiday squarely centered on the celebration of the harvest and the creative mouthwatering things we can do with it? I can't.

I just love Christmas music too much to only give it 3 weeks attention.

So, when you do feel it's OK to start celebrating the season?

Probably not until after're all probably more sane than I am.


CageQueen said...

I dunno, I considered getting a Gingerbread latte this morning. Or maybe a peppermint one. They tempted me, certainly.

Anonymous said...

Well if you were living in Canada it would be after Thanksgiving (ours is in October) therefore it is okay to start!! Generally I start after Nov 11 (Remb Day up here!). When I was in grad school we'd listen to Christmas music in the lab on the 25th of every month!


poodle said...

i was listening to christmas music in august. i have no shame.

only when i'm in the car by myself, though.

Kelly said...

I started listening to Christmas music last weekend. Hee.

However, I don't think stores should put out any Christmas stuff until after Halloween. And I don't think they should do any giant full-blown displays until after Thanksgiving.

Chessie said...

I'm already listening to Christmas music too! I start November 1st!

Tyra said...

I'm all about listening to christmas music after Halloween, to me, thanksgiving and christmas share alot of holiday festivities, and the music is so soothing and uplifting! I am decorating the house next weekend (after I convince my husband its okay!)

Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

I usually start right after my birthday. Which means I should be listening to it now...hmmm...gotta get on that.

TRS said...

I'm with Kelly on the merchandizing aspect... but it has to be December for me to get into Christmas music.

There's so much of it I am sick of -- and plenty that is bad. So there is only enough enjoyable music to last for a 25 days really.

TRS said...

to add.

That makes me realize that maybe I should branch out on my music taste.

I have intended now for several years to make a CD of only the best Christmas songs in my collection. (Don't have an iPod, I'm old school) But I haven't gotten to it. Maybe this year.

Heather said...

Ha! I've been listening to Christmas music since the weather cooled down (way before Halloween). I finally figured out it is because it is similar to the weather in AZ at Christmas time.

It's not like November has a specific genre of music categorized to it. I say let both December and November be dedicated to Christmas music.

And YES 3 weeks is NOT enough Christmas music!

cady said...

i was actually thinking about starting to listen to christmas music. i love it, and a month or so of listening to it is just not enough for me!