Thursday, November 20, 2008

I need a new scraper

This morning I had to scrape the windshield of my car. And it wasn't that "oh, look, a light dusting of dry Colorado snow that I can just shake off and be on my merry way" kind of job. It was the "dead of winter, quarter inch of frozen, drizzly rain" kind. The kind where I seriously consider getting the ear doctor's wood chisels out of the garage and going to town.

As a result, my mind is set on chilly Colorado mornings that I'll have to walk my dog through for the next 5 months. Which, logically, leads me to boots.

I need some.


But I'm not really sure what kind of boots to get. Here is the dream list for boots:

1) waterproof
2) warm
3) good grip on the bottom so I don't end up on my rear
4) durable...I'm not going to be buying this type of boots very frequently so I'd like them to last
5) easy to pull on and off for emergency puppy potty runs
6) kind of cute...I know this is asking a lot from a snow/mud/rain boot, but if at all possible that'd be nice.

So far these are what I've got my eye on:

The Sarek Outlast by Trentorn

Now if someone will only loan me the dinero to purchase them...


Janssen said...

I love these Tretorn ones:

But probably only because they are cute.

TRS said...

Yes, I was very thankful for the rear defrost button on my car this morning! My last car didn't have one - so this is like a little miracle!

I don't have the same critera in bootwear... but I want these!

coryp said...

Not as cute... but the best boots EVER are made by Sorel.

Sorel's Website.