Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dear Scooter Girl,

You'll be glad to know you are no longer my #1 worst enemy on the planet. A far superior candidate has taken your place.

Last night we let my awesome neighbor take Roscoe down to the grass to play with her dog. She has a beautiful Golden Retriever who is Roscoe's best bud and we often take turns watching them while they frolic in doggie joy.

However, last night was a unique night thanks to the worst people on earth. While our little munchkin was running around, being his happy go lucky, playful self these two jokers with two Jack Russel terriers came out into the grass.

Now, normally I love a Jack Russel. My aunt has a great one who is awesome. But, news flash, a Jack Russel is the type of dog that needs a TON of exercise to stay balanced. These people lock 2 of the little guys up in a 2' x 4' balcony. Of course they are going to be a little out of whack. Every time I've seen these two little dogs they yip, lunge and bite at people.

Roscoe didn't know any better, so he ran up to these two dogs and one of them CLAMPED DOWN AND BIT OUR LITTLE GUY HARD on his droopy adorable jowl. He made him BLEED.

I admit, some of this is our fault. We let him run around without a leash. We weren't there supervising the meeting. We are partially to blame...but how can I feel anything but hateful wrath toward someone who let their pet to this to mine:

After going to the vet, doping him up so they can shave the puncture would site, getting the bite flushed with saline and sending him home to us with $90 worth of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories all we could do was lay around and make sure our little guy was alright.

So, scooter girl, consider yourself officially removed from my S*** list.

Love, Katie


CageQueen said...

Did the people with the Jack Russell offer ot pay your vet bills? That's terrible. My family has always owned Jacks and they def need room to run and they need a job to feel important and remain productive. ALl of ours have been capable of climbing large trees, that's how much energy they have! Jacks are not apartment dogs. Poor Roscoe!

Dan's mom said...

I hope Roscoe feels better soon; boxers are a hardy breed.
Perhaps you could send these folks some information on obedience training.....
Better yet, make sure others in the complex know the tendencies of these dogs - next time it could be a toddler who won't have fur to grow back and cover a scar from a bite. It's too bad folks don't often research the needs of the pets they choose. It seems that Jack Russels are a poor choice for these folks. That breeder must not have done a very thorough questionaire. (or they weren't telling the truth about the amount of time someone would be with the dogs.)

Katie said...

I seriously doubt these people got their dogs from an educated and informed breeder.

He'll be just fine, but I was WHITE HOT LIVID when I saw drops of blood dripping from his lip.

Kelly said...

Poor Roscoe!

I hate it when people don't take care of their animals the way they need to be. I'm sad for Roscoe and I'm sad for those Jack Russells who don't get out nearly enough.

GSmith said...

Sorry in behalf of all other Jack Russells. Eddie sends his appologies as well. He tucked his little tail and headed to the doghouse when we broke the news.
Aunti M

dad said...

Roscoe was lucky, Quinn got bit by a Rotweiler and almost broke her neck. Need to be with him and watch for other dog's behavior. We have people let their dogs run loose in the park next door all the time. You know me, scardy cat dad.