Thursday, November 20, 2008

In awe

My husband isn't an MD. He's a doctor, but he's not the same kind of doctor that my brother-in-law is going to be. He's actually an audiologist, a specialist in hearing.

Before I met him I never really realized how important hearing is. When asked, "would you rather loose your sight or your hearing?" I'd always immediately say I'd chuck the hearing for a chance to see. It used to be an easy choice. Now...not so much. He has taught me critical role that hearing plays in brain development and interpersonal relationships. And I am so proud that he has chosen to be a member of such a compassionate and serving community.

As a result, I was deeply moved this morning by the story shared today over at Rocks in my Dryer. Every Thursday she has a post written by someone who has experienced something unique in life. They describe what it's like to walk their path and share things that they've learned. I love it.

And I could not be prouder of my husband and his ability and desire to help people improve their hearing.


Robyn said...

We are a family of hearing issue people. I cannot tell you, in short sentences, how great I think your husband's chosen profession is. And wow, we totally get that statement of Octamom's about we'd give a child glasses, but not hearing aids???

TRS said...

One of my dearest, sweetest friends is an audiologist. She's so cool.
When she and her hubby got married, they gave their church a gift - by installing a sound system that sends the sound at the mic directly to certain hearing models!!! So awesome.
What a great ministry is that!!??!?! If anyone out there wants to do something special for their church... look into doing that!

My dad suffers from severe hearing loss (60 years of farming will do that to ya) and the first thing he complains about is not being able to hear in church.

Another friend had a strange virus or something last year - that effected her hearing for 2-3 weeks. There was substantial loss - but also she heard sort of a crackling sound in her affected ear. It was very trying for her.
Luckily, she sought medical help right away and she has her hearing back - but it makes you realize what a gift it is to have the ability to hear!