Thursday, November 06, 2008

One question

Why do people comment anonymously? I'm not talking about the comments that my grandma leaves me, because she signs her name at the end.

I'm talking about the rude anonymous comments that people feel free to make on blogs. Take today, this post from a woman who is painfully experiencing infertility. Someone felt the need to go to the effort to write a comment telling her to (basically) stop complaining and move on. Not only that, but the commenter came back a few hours later and wrote ANOTHER mean comment. Give me a break.

This kind of stuff just blows my mind.

Why bother? Why waste time writing about something if you're just going to be hurtful? You'd never say that stuff in person.

I just don't get it.


CageQueen said...

Anonymous commenting is the ultimate sign of cowardice. If you have a belief you believe in so strongly, than strap on a pair and sign your name. I do not even allow anonymous commenting on my blog because I think it is so pathetic. It really, really chaps me. And the most ironic part? With technology, there is no such thing as being "anonymous" anyway! I can totally see people's IP addresses, etc. when they come to my blog so who do they think they're fooling? A lot of people set up fak and private accounts to make it look like they're not anoynmous, but they keep all their info hostage so there is no getting to know the real them. Again, cowardly.

(End rant)

Raven said...

Exactly because they wouldn't say it to someone's face. Cowards.

Anonymous said...

I comment anonymously on your account because I don't have a google account or a blog or a url....sorry (but I would never leave nasty comments)

gone _ travelin @

Katie said...

No worries, GFC. Your situation is exactly the reason I still allow anon comments!

Tyler said...

I use to believe that everyone would ultimately do good and were ultimately good people. Unfortunately, my view of that has change, I'm not as trusting as I was. If you expect the worst of people you're always pleasantly surprise when you get something more than a despot. Just be happy it's not a constant stream of profanity. I know I am.

Lindsay said...

Ick. :(
Though to be honest, that anon commenter wasn't quite as horrid as I had prepared myself for - don't get me wrong, still mean/rude/unnecessary, but I've unfortunately seen much worse.

I think people sometimes forget that the words they see in a computer belong to an actual human being with feelings.

Sugar and Ice said...

You're previous commenters are correct...people are cowards. They'll dish out the rude comments as long as no one knows who they are. It's ridiculous. I once had an anonymous commenter take the time to comment twice pretending to be two different people...both comments told me that I was an "evil" person. It was so stupid.

cady said...

agreed...cowardice. i never post anonymous comments, even if i differ with what the blogger is saying. i, too, didn't think that comment was as bad as people made it out to be. i actually could understand it. i'm dealing with infertility and would be overjoyed if i could have just one child. maybe i'm still overly sensitive about it.

Kelly said...

I don't get it either. I've had a few nasty comments left anonymously on my blog (which is why I have comment moderation on now) and I don't understand why anyone would bother. One person wrote several very long and critical comments to a completely innocuous post. Really? So you have no life?

What I really hate is that they do rattle me. So much vitriol directed at me kind of makes me sad. I wish I could just brush them off.