Monday, December 15, 2008


Let's just talk about this product: THE SNUGGIE

First of all, what a dumb name. Snuggie? Clearly, they aren't marketing this product to anyone with any testosterone.

Second, I already made this product. I made a blanket with sleeves about 3 years ago for my brother-in-law for Christmas. It was made out of camo printed fleece and has two sleeves I cut off a Wal-mart sweatshirt. To think I could have been a millionaire if only I'd marketed the thing.



Robyn said...

I'm so glad you brought up the "Snuggie". I just love the commercial for this product... have you seen it?! It really demonstrates just how difficult a normal blanket is to use!! I mean, have you ever tried to get the phone when under one!! How do people do it!?

dltim said...

Your dad saw the commercial and said, "That's a great idea!" I told him to wear his bathrobe backwards. It'll work just the same.

CageQueen said...

It's funny you should mention this product. I just showed my co-worker the website a mere minutes ago. Why, you might ask? BECAUSE MY DARLING HUSBAND WAS TRYING TO BUY ME ONE FOR CHRISTMAS BEFORE I INTERVENED!!!!!!! No other woman shall ever be entitled to complain about her husband's gift giving abilities after this, LOL.

BluBabes said...

Crap I'm tempted to get my family for Christmas. Reactions:
Mom: "Oh, I like this it's more dependable then any of my husbands."
Brother: "Don't make fun of me for wearing this - you're racist."
Sister: "I can't believe your making fun of me. You shouldn't hold temple recommends. It keeps me warm while I sew quilts for the homeless - I'm grateful!"
Dad: "C'mon Emmy. This country is already in bad enough condition as it is, why do this?"
Me: "I better not let the Taliban see that my head is showing."
Husband: "Are you thinking what I'm thinkin'? (Insert grin here)"

Amy said...

Funny. I just posted about this same thing yesterday. My son (who clearly watches too much TV) wants one for Hanukkah. Since I've never actually seen one, I'm having a few issues trying to figure out how to make it (although I think I'll wing it). Sadly, though, I think I may spend more money on the fleece than if I just bought the ridiculous one off the TV!