Monday, December 15, 2008


Thanks so much for your fantastic suggestions on how we can help this season! Seriously, the ear doctor and I were totally blown away by all of your contributions. We found a family that we will be surprising with mounds of gifts and all the makings for a great Christmas dinner. We spent all day Saturday shopping for them and Sunday was spent wrapping up their gifts.

I can't tell you how much doing this has impacted me.

It made me stop and think about those who don't have what I've always taken for granted. A lot of people don't have the amazing familial support system that I've been so lucky to have. Without parents who taught me the value of education I would probably not have the job that I do that so fully supports our family.

I whole heartedly suggest doing this to anyone who can. Make it a year long goal. Budget in a bit extra money each month to help someone else during the Christmas season.

It's made all the difference for me.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it so much fun to make someone feel special like this. I bet you guys had a blast and have made memories that will last for ever. I can see the Ear Doctor scheming already for next year (Oh we should have bought that X or Y that we saw at Target in July, that would have been a perfect present). You should keep a journal with what you have done over the years for your grandbabies to read one day.

My friends and I shop for a "hamper" (as they are called up here) instead of exchanging Christmas gifts. We get the name of a family with the desired characteristics (girl age 4-5, single mom, etc whatever we are in the mood for that year) from the Chirstmas Cheer Board. We have so much fun doing it and we get to spend time together...none of us really need a material present, we'd rather do something together.

We have something in the city I live in called the Christmas Cheer Board. It coordinates ALL of the hampers for the entire city. If a church, youth group, bunch of people, etc want to help a family out, they call the CCB. They have the list of people who need a hamper (it is a centralized list so that there are no duplicates and no one is forgotten). They have a list of what you should buy, shouldn't etc. It is amazing. Everyone tries to help out. An inner city elementry school (where a lot of the hampers ends up) I used to be involved with even does one. I don't know if I am happy or sad that in a city of 750,000 over 45,000 people (including over 20,000 children) received a hamper...
This will truly be a special Christmas for your family and you have embraced the real meaning of Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Instead of exchanging tacky sweaters with family members, I donate to a charity of their choice. I love to learn what charities they hold dear to their heart and enjoy supporting their causes.