Thursday, December 18, 2008

Watchout Ichabod Crane

I LOVE getting Christmas cards. LOVE it. I know a lot of other people get annoyed when they read a 2 page letter about what a genius your little Johnny is, but I don't. Go ahead, tell me how smart baby Suzy is for potty training in 1 day...I don't mind! In fact, I love reading about how happy and great your family is.

However, I'm horrible at writing them. And I know that in order to keep getting cards I have to up the effort level and send some of my own out. I promise, next year, I'll get to it.

It doesn't help that my adorable sister sends out this awesome Christmas card of her beautiful little family:

Although, I have to admit that when I pulled it out the envelope, my thumb was right between Maggie and her husband's faces, covering the bottom of the baby's dress, making it look like this:

A disembodied Christmas baby head.

Creepy, but still, somehow adorable.


Maggie said...

I laughed out loud when I saw this post because I worried about that EXACT thing when I chose that pose for our cards. Oh well, at least she's got a cute little head.

kari (gfc) said...

From reading your blog, I know you love Shabby Apples...anyhow Mooshinindy(didn't see it on your blog role...but you likely already know about her!) has a give away on PLUS there is a coupon for 15% off...with all the Christmas Cheer you and the ear doctor have brought to others this year, I bet karma might be in your favour and you could win the dress!!