Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What do you think?

The ear doctor and I have decided to push full steam ahead with a kitchen remodel!!!!!!!! Exciting, right? My dad is even coming to Colorado next week to help us get the demo started off right.

Our kitchen is like a wide galley kitchen...the sink, dishwasher, fridge and window run along one wall and the stove/oven combo is on the other. After playing around a bit with the layout here is what I have in mind.

Sink wall:

Working from left to right the upper wall cabinets will extend all the way to the counter top so I can hide away my toaster and other breakfast/baking stuff. Before she stopped writing it, this awesome kitchen designer used to write a blog and she said that having a breakfast/baking nook tucked away was her favorite feature in any kitchen. I'm pretty excited to incorporate it on this little project. The dishwasher will be right under it. Next will come the sink which looks out my pretty kitchen window...that also needs to be fixed. Then the fridge will but up on the opposite wall. The very top cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling, have glass fronts, and be lit inside.

Stove wall:

Perfectly symmetric with a shiny stainless steel hood right over the brand new stove. Again, the tippy top cabinets will have glass fronts and lights. The lower set of wall cabinets will only be 30" high to make sure there is plenty of under cabinet space. I foresee most of my prep/cooking happening on these two pieces of counter space so I want to have plenty of vertical area to work it. Such are the drawbacks to being on the taller end of the height spectrum.

Since the room is about 9.5 feet wide it is a little bigger than a standard galley kitchen, but too narrow for a proper island. Solution? We are also planning on making a rolling butcher block top island that we can tuck away in a corner when we aren't cooking, but we can pull out and use when we're both in the kitchen.

So that's what I've got so far. Any thoughts or suggestions?


themisadventuresofk said...

Can't wait to see how this project progresses!!

Kari said...

Looks great!
A feature (the only feature) I like of my kitchen is that in some of the cupboards instead of shelves,I have pull out drawers (which act like shelves). makes getting the items that are at the way back of the cupboard easier to get (without having to take everything out).

The Mama said...

Good luck! We just finished a major kitchen remodel too.

Like Kari said above, pull outs in the cabinets and drawers are awesome. I have a lot of drawers and I still wish I'd put more in! While I was part way through our remodel I found this website and I got so many great ideas from there. The people are really helpful and it's all free.


Are you going to post before and after pics??

The Mama said...

It's me again. :-) There is one thing I'd change or add to the layout above. Unless you already have a spot for your pots and pans, I'd put deep drawers or pull outs next to the oven to house them in. ( I like drawers better because they have sides so things don't fall out.)

Anonymous said...

where are you planning on putting your microwave?


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a hidden/closable toaster-coffee-toaster oven area... I really do as that is one of my pet-peeves - I hate putting them away but I hate leaving them on the counter.

But you are sacrificing open counterspace to do so. My only suggestion is to carefully consider all of your separated counter space - separated by the sink - separated by the stove - are you going to be happy with that when it comes to meal prep? However, that said - I don't really see another solution.


Anonymous said...

Looks great...Another possibility is putting stove to far left or right so you would have 72 inches of working space...just an idea

Maggie said...

When you're pricing out the rolling island, if you want the website for the place we bought our butcher block countertop from let me know. Also with the island, where will it be stored when not in use?

betty said...

As a fellow tall person, my biggest concern would be the counter height of 30" - I often notice when working on low counters for a long period of time, my back starts to REALLY hurt.

Maybe the top cabinets could be shorter to allow for the same space between the working area and the hanging cabinets...?

Can't wait to see photos of the finished product!

Greeneyes said...

One thing I love about my former kitchen is the fact that the dishwasher sits right under the counter/prep area. When I'm finished kneading bread or rolling out a pie crust, it's simple to whisk the countertop crumblies right into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Remodeling is frustrating, but soo exciting!

Raven said...

Since you like baking, maybe a divider insert that separates cookie sheets and baking pans, that sort of thing, in one of the lower cabinets by the stove for ease of use? My mom has this and she loves it!

MH said...

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments about my dress design! Would love to follow this kitchen demo, hope you post pictures along the way. I'm all about anything demo + design.

Anonymous said...

I second your Mom, where is the microwave going to go?