Friday, February 12, 2010

Hail the conquering hero

Hooray! The ear doctor is back! Not only did he get to go to Disneyland a few times but he totally kicked some serious Audiology/Neuroscience booty! I'm so proud of him.

After 8 grueling days filled with papa john's pizza and kraft macaroni and cheese my man has returned to save my eating habits. In fact, this morning I've already assembled a pretty awesome menu and shopping list for next week. I'm actually looking forward to grocery shopping.

A first in my life.

I'm pretty excited that Valentines day lands on a Sunday this year. As a family the ear doctor and I try not to go out on Sunday's as a way to rest and recoup for the week. The result? I get to spend the whole day making a simply perfect dinner for us.

I'm sure those of you who stay home everyday and cook for your families day in and day out just recoiled a bit. But for me, it's a total luxury to turn on some tunes, pour myself something delicious and get to work in the kitchen.

My brand spankin new, almost finished kitchen.

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