Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day Wrap-up

You know how people always say their husbands don't remember V-day? Or how people complain about it being just another day and it shouldn't be a reason to do anything special? Or how some guys run out and find themselves in the line at Safeway on the big day with a sad bunch of carnations and a card witha fuzzy teddy bear on the front becuase that's all that was left?

That is NOT the ear doctor. He's pretty much the most thoughtful, selfless gift giver under the sun.

For example, this year I woke up (late) and in a frenzy to get to church on time almost missed these gorgeous flowers on my kitchen counter:

In case you didn't remember, blue hydrangeas were our wedding flowers. The ear doctor sure didn't forget...
Then, I opened a little box and found these beautiful earrings!

(please ignore my deformed little ear...it's the thing on my body I'm most insecure about so pretend it's just normal, ok?)

And then later I got to open up a pretty envelope and found this:

A gift certificate for a pedicure, which will come in handy as my toes look like a rodent has been gnawing away for the past few months.


Maggie said...

I like your little deformed ear. I think it's cute.

Robyn said...

I love the "valentoes" message! So Cute.

TRS said...

Aw... nice hubby, nice gifts. All very thoughtful.

My niece has a little cauliflower ear... two of them actually - so it's sweet! Someone so beautiful needs a tiny deformity to keep them humble.

Lindsey said...

I love the hydrangea vase. It is so sweet.

My husband just got accepted to grad school in Colorado and your blog makes me really want to live there. It looks so fun!

dad said...

What ear?

Garrett makes it hard on the rest of us. Good examples are difficult.

I took your mother on a 800 mile car ride.