Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm not really sure how I got the bad wrap. Somehow over the past almost 3 years I've garnered the reputation of being the stick-in-the-mud early to bed person in our relationship.

We valiantly tried to have the picture perfect hollywood type of marriage where bed time is concerned. You know, you both get ready for bed together, pull down the duvet, climb into bed, talk and read with by the light of individual lamps on bedside tables, lean over give a loving kiss goodnight and switch out the lights. We both really wanted it.

But I just can't stay up late enough for the ear doctor's last blood sugar measurement and insulin dose (have I mentioned before that he's type 1 diabetic?...well, he is). And if he attempted to go to bed before the 10:30 rerun of Seinfeld his mind might just explode.

So we're stuck.

I hit the sheets around 10:30 and he stays up til midnight.

But lately I've been paying closer attention. As we sit on the couch catching up with Simon's American Idol antics and scratching out heads at the plot trajectory of LOST I've started to realize that I am the only one awake! At one point, just when Claire was swinging the ax into that poor "other's" gut he woke up and asked, "what did I miss?"

HUH? What?

How is it that I'm the late night party pooper because I prefer to doze off in my bed instead of on our couch?


Janssen said...

These are the kinds of things that have puzzled me my whole life.

dad said...

My couch is the greatest. I also love my old blue recliner. My man cave is almost perfect, all I need is a refrigerator.

TRS said...

Ah... there's the rub!
When I lived with my cousins during my first six months in Denver, he would always fall asleep in front of the TV on the couch downstairs (my area of their house)
It kinda bugged me because he was pretty much nocturnal -- and those two hours were the only two hours of sleep he got. I always figured if he would just go to bed, instead of to the couch - he might be a regular sleeper.

Falling asleep on the couch just makes me mad at myself - - and lately, I've been doing it myself -- grr. But I blame it on having to go to bed alone every night of my life for almost 40 years.

You'd stay in the living room too!

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