Thursday, May 05, 2011

Accessories MAKE the look

For those of you who aren't familiar with the intricacies of the LDS (mormon) culture, allow me to shed a little light.

For some reason, here in the states, there seems to be a fascination with all things Polynesian/Hawaiian woven into our collective conscious. It's not really surprising. Not that I've ever been to any tropical island, but from all accounts they seem very nice.

In our congregation we have a bona fide Hawaiian lady. She grew up on one of the islands and now suffers through the dry, cold Denver winter every year. Why? From the frequency of her expression of fond past memories, I'm not quite sure.

Last night she came to teach all the teenage girls in our youth group how to make Lei's out of yarn. I was just going to sit in the background and watch, but peer pressure got the better of me and I grabbed a skein and got to it. I made a "lovely" bright green and yellow lei. When I came home I hung it up on a coat hook in our to the garbage...I'm pretty sure I knew it's final resting place.

But then this morning I got this picture sent to my phone my the ear doctor:

Seriously? How can I possibly get rid of it now?

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