Tuesday, May 03, 2011

better half

Last night I was a grump. Due to my lovely accident, my shoulder relentlessly hurts and my mood is all messed up. Due to the bruise on my brain and the swirling chemicals attempting to heal it, my emotions have been on an out of control roller coaster. Basically, I've felt like 3 weeks of strait PMS.

And I'm really lucky to have the ear doctor. Without him I would have eaten PB&J and macaroni and cheese for the last month.

Last night he not only grilled me up the most delicious lime-cilantro trout with his new fish grilling basket, but he also indulged my silly craving for a root beer at 9 pm. And when he got home from the "emergency" run to the grocery store, not only did he have an icy cold beverage in his hand, but he'd got us a container of cookies n cream ice cream.

So as I sat in a piping hot bathtub, read a murder mystery on my kindle and slowly sipped my soda I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the guy in the front room loudly chuckling to a 15 year old episode of Seinfeld that he's seen at least 8 times.


dad said...

He's one in a millon

MSmith said...

Sorry you're not feeling better :(