Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Last year the ear doctor and I failed at Homeowners 101: Keeping your grass alive. Total, utter failure. Our yard was the only one on the block that dried up and turned into a big dirt pit by August.

Probably because we didn't water it all summer?

This year we have both become grass-loving freaks. We water the grass. We fertilize the grass. We had it aerated which it probably hadn't been in 20 years. We mulched. We reseeded the thin spots.

Every time we walk through the front yard (at least twice a day) we crouch down and inspect the new growth. We measure the progress. I'm pretty sure I've even said a prayer under my breath to ask for divine intervention in saving the grass.

It's our newest obsession.

Even now as I sit in my cubical at work and eat my lunch at my desk I'm taking glances out the nearby window and thinking, "I really hate that it's raining today. I wore awesome new shoes and they got gross water spots all over them when I walked the 30 feet from my car to the building...

...but at least the grass will look beautiful"


Kari said...

Some of the ecograsses that are available now are great -- they are stay green -- meaning that when they go dormant (ie from a lack of water), they stay green. We use a buffalo grass cv at the farm house and everyone always comments on the nice green lawn and asks how often we water it (never).

dad said...

I used buffalo grass on the parking next to the main street and it doesn't need water. However it doesn't come close to looking as good as the Kentucky Blue in the lawn aroung the house.

Katie said...
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Erin said...

My husband and I failed grass 101 like 4 times and finally decided that living in the south with fescue was just not going to happen. Now we have zoysia and I can hardly walk past a weed without NEEEEDING to stop and pull it. I can't help it, it's definitely an obsession.

Jane said...

You inherited the gardening genes.
It is fun so enjoy it. With gardening nothing stays the same. Something dies and you pkant something in it's place. Keep enjoying!