Wednesday, May 18, 2011


You can always tell it's the day before I leave for a trip by the strange outfit I throw together. I pull something out of the back of my closet that I hardly ever wear because I want to make sure I have my cutest clothes available for the trip.

Because I've never once had my picture taken the day BEFORE a trip.

Never once been immortalized in that moment.

So today if you looked at my clothes I'm pretty sure you could tell that at 3:30 this afternoon the ear doctor and I are boarding a plane and flying off to St. Louis to celebrate my brother-in-law's fantastic achievement. He's worked harder and sacrificed a lot and is finally getting to take the Hippocratic oath and graduate from med school.

I couldn't be prouder.

And I get one last trip to St. Louis in before they move away and I never have another excuse to visit the city again. There are 3 absolute musts that I will be participating in this week...other than the ceremony, of course:

1. Gooey butter cake from either ]Park Avenue coffee or Gooey Louie...or maybe both
2. City Museum
3. Frozen Custard from Ted Drewes

Usually I wouldn't post about going away on a trip and leave the creepers on the internet an open invitation to check out our house, but since we got robbed a month ago and haven't replaced anything yet we really don't have anything worth stealing!


Maggie said...

Do you think you can do that?

heather said...

very good point about the outfit! i think i do the same thing. although it's more cause that is all i have left after packing. heck, i may not even match!

your last paragraph made me laugh out loud and feel sad all at the same time! :-( still feel so badly for you guys!