Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back in the saddle

Remember how I kind of stopped blogging for a while? I just couldn't get excited about writing anything. My life seemed ho hum. People kept asking why I wasn't writing and it was really hard to put my finger on anything.

I was just uninspired.

A week or so ago the ear doctor and I were driving to a friend's house for a party. As we turned the corner onto her street my eyes fell on the most beautiful, awe inspiring sight:

I'm not sure that picture really does this justice. These people had constructed a set of rigging to hold this HUGE snowman up in the air. You could see this guy's top hat from 3 blocks away. I attempted to scale it to give you a feeling of just how amazing this accomplishment of festive engineering really is:

An almost 60 foot snowman perched on top of a cute 50's ranch house? Now, THAT, is something to blog about.


Hannah said...

I So so so wish I could make my house look like this.

The Fraziers said...

Haha, that is AWESOME!!! I want to see what it looks like in the day-time. Probably kinda ghetto.

dad said...

Thank you for the scale. Only you would map it out for us.

Anonymous said...

You are great on the scale.