Thursday, December 08, 2011

festive hijinks

Last April our house was broken into and our TV stolen. It shook up the whole neighborhood and as a result we got to know our neighbors, exchange numbers and we always keep an each other.

This year we have someone leaving us little gifts to celebrate the first 12 days of December. The first night the ear doctor got a little zealous in trying to figure out who was leaving us the gifts...he chased them into a neighbor's yard and trapped them in place. I, dramatically, told him to back off so that the people doing this super nice thing could have a little fun.

So since then, we've pulled it way back...and they stopped knocking on the door to announce their deliveries.

But then, on Monday they left us a taunting note saying that they were trickier than we were because we didn't know who they were.

Well, we know we're the craftiest and to taunt us? It's not going to end well.

Last night we decided to leave our solid front door open, but our glass outer door closed. That way if they wanted to try to leave it on our porch they'd have to get creative.

At about 9:30 our dog started going CRAZY. We knew they were here. We waited and watched to see what they would do. I guess they hung around for 20 minutes or so deciding what to do because Roscoe was barking like crazy.

We never saw them, but I peered out the glass door and saw that there was a little gift on the hood of the ear doctor's car. I ran out on my bare tip toes through the snow to retrieve it and came in to the ear doctor talking to someone on the phone.

Our neighbor had noticed a stranger in a hoodie lurking around our house for the last 20 minutes and wanted to make sure everything was OK.

So now, not only is our nice barer of gifts going to have to avoid getting caught by us, but the entire neighborhood watch is on their trail...

...they're never going to make it to December 12th without getting caught...


The Fraziers said...

Haha, that's pretty good! How fun to get the 12 days of Christmas from someone. Glad that your neighbors are watching out for everyone now.

Maggie said...

that is hilarious.

denise said...

Go Christmas Ninjas

Anonymous said...

One year Marci and kids the 12 days for us. So fun! Makes good memories.

Anonymous said...

Loved this tale! Make me laugh out loud!
Aunt M

Katharina said...

Neighborhood Watch goes festive!