Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Another rainy Tuesday night

So yesterday wasn't very eventful. I went to the grocery store after work and I only got 4 items: eggs, brownie mix, Doritos Guacamole chips, and a pepsi. Healthy dinner, eh? I made the brownies and took some over for Eric, since they are his favorites. We watched a new dating reality show called outback jack. Those things are always so dumb. I made comments through the whole show, which I'm sure was totally annoying for Eric. How can people think they are in love with someone they've only known a few weeks? Especially if those few weeks don't consist of any reality and it is completely staged? I just don't get it. You have to be as dumb as rocks to believe you are able to really get to know someone while shooting a TV show.

I left Eric's at around 8 because the mailman and I had planned to "hang out." Just as I got home a huge rain storm broke. It was torrential, and the hail was gnarly. Once again I was thankful for covered parking. I watched the storm from my big bedroom window. It was awesome.

The mailman didn't call me until 8:45, and didn't come over until 9:30. Lame.

We met up with Sarah and Colin at Bova's Frozen Custard in Boulder. The flavor of the day was Pralines and Cream, which is my absolute fave! We walked around the hill for a while. It was strange. Sarah and I walked in front talking and the mailman and Colin walked behind us talking.

After custard, we drove back to my house and sat around talking until 2:30 in the morning. It was kind of lame because he kept telling me the same stories that he's already told me. Another exciting part of the convo was when we talked about his ex-girlfriends. Actually, this is his favorite topic to talk about. Annoying.

I told him I was disappointed because he didn't meet my parents this weekend and he said he was sorry he didn't get to meet them. Whatever, obviously not sorry enough to have tried to meet them.

When he left I said goodbye because since I'm leaving Friday for my family vacation and he's leave Sunday for a week at Lake Powell, I probably won't get to see him again for a while. After Lake Powell he is either going straight back to BYU, or he'll come back to Colorado to go on a backpacking trip with his family. Either way, I probably won't get to spend the evening alone with him again. As we were saying goodbye he said that he had something for me still, so it wasn't the last, real goodbye. I said "cool" but in my mind I thought, "yeah, right."

Anwyay, tonight is girls night and we're all going to see princess diary 2. Looks like the movie will be retarded, but it will be fun to be out with all the girls. Amy (my roommate) might even come because Erik (her fiance) started football camp this week so now she has ample spare time. That is freakin AWESOME! I get my best friend back! Hooray!


katezmom said...

Hey, I just ordered a copy of one of my favorite movies, "Waking Ned Devine" I just felt lucky to find it. And since you can't buy just one dvd I also ordered My Fair Lady and Singing in the Rain. No self control.

Maggie said...

I'm getting so excited to see you! I just can't wait! I'm getting all my stuff cleaned and packed today and then I'm outta here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie-
That mailman dude is giving you some hints...that's all I can say about that.

Katie said...

What kind of hints? I am too dense to understand. Elaborate. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I must admit that there is security in anonymity. No one can presuppose they know the thoughts of others, though it appears from your dialogue that either/or/all: A) the mailman is really shy and doesn't know how to deal with liking a girl, B) Likes you as a friend, but doesn't want anything beyond that, C)Forsees BYU, and doesn't want a commitment, D)Is a nice guy, and can't let a girl down harshly. From your comments, A is ruled out based on the fact that he has had girlfriends. B seems likely, and could be easily combined with C. D is probable, though if he doesn't see your potential, he doesn't deserve you anyway.

Katie said...

How flattering that you think you see my potential.

My opinion of the situation oscilates between B and C. I don't think it is D just because he is the type of guy that has had a lot of experience letting girls down before they get too attached.

I don't know if I'm deluding myself, but I really lean most toward C. He's said some really nice things to me and since he is a pretty genuine person I'm sure he meant them.