Monday, August 30, 2004

List of Potential Grad Schools

So I think I've decided which schools I want to apply to. Let me know what you think:

1. Stanford
2. Northwestern (this is a maybe since I went to their website and wasn't really thrilled by the research going on there)
3. Penn State (shout out Britt!)
6. CU
7. UT at Austin
8. BYU (just to see what they offer me to come back)

Am I missing any great schools that I just haven't thought of to include?


brittany said...

You're applying to Penn State?!?!? That's so great! There's a lot of great research going on here, no matter what you want to study. Although I have to warn you, the singles group is pretty small. There are about 30 of us during the school year. This year, we got about ten new singles in our ward, and about 100 new married couples. And all of the new male singles are either engaged or close to it, besides the freshman. (I tried hitting on him yesterday at FHE, and it didn't go over too well. It was pretty pathetic.) We have a lot of fun, though, and it's GORGEOUS out here. Plus, every single grad student gets funding, so you won't have to worry about money. But you should definitely apply, and they'll probably fly you out here to check it out. Free vacation is always nice.

brittany said...

Oh, yeah, one more thing. Maybe you could apply to Princeton? Although I think most of their research is fluids/thermo type stuff, which I guess you don't really want to do anymore. I also think you'd love Austin. It's a really cool city, although gets pretty hot and muggy in the summer. My votes are UT Austin, Penn State, Stanford, and CU. (Not that my vote counts for anything.)