Tuesday, August 10, 2004


So I've decided that I am going to be stuck doing FHE until I have learned the importance of it and love serving in my calling. That is why I've been doing the same thing for over a year. I wish there was a way I could improve my attitude, but I just really don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. It wouldn't be so bad if I was in charge because then I would just have fun outdoors things every week and good food. Since I'm not in charge, just a lowly cog in the machine, I have to be supportive of activities that I think are lame. For example, last night we played mad libs. It was a beautiful day outside and we sat in the institute building trying to come up with funny stories that were just lame. My real concern is that we NEVER do any kind of service. Its really a shame and a waste of people who are probably willing to help whenever they can.

The mailman was there, but he came late so I couldn't talk to him before the activity. I couldn't talk to him during the activity because I was on the other team, then I had to cut and serve the brownies I made (and will not be reimbursed for). After that I was going to go talk to him, but he was on his phone, so I decided to call Kathy (my bff) back. We talked a while and when I got off, the mailman was on his way out the door to go play hockey. Whatever.

On my way home I thought that maybe it was more my fault that we weren't talking. I mean, its not like I make it really easy for him or anything. I called up and asked when I could schedule some time into his busy social calendar. He said we could hang out Tuesday (today). He was really excited sounding, so turns out he isn't trying to avoid me. Good news. So now we are hanging out tonight and I feel like I have to come up with something to do. Ugh. All I really want to do it go to Bova's frozen yogurt for white chocolate tonight. Any other ideas?

Today I'm going to lunch with my friend Patrick from work. He is really cool and is reading Atlas Shrugged right now. That book is so good and if someone likes it I immediately feel like I have a connection with them. That and the Harry Potter books. I'm such a nerd.

Derek called me yesterday, but I was already in bed. It was quite a surprise to hear from him, since he isn't the best in the world at keeping in touch. Every time I hear his voice it makes me smile and remember how happy I was when I was his close friend/girlfriend. What a kid!


katezmom said...

I just don't know why they always come up with such ideas for FHE, yours sounded WAY

katezmom said...

I just don't know why they always come up with such ideas for FHE, yours sounded WAY better. As for the clothes comment- now listen hard- you looked so GREAT that you took my breath away. For furture reference- it is ALWAYS a compliment. Dumbie (said with great love and warmth)