Monday, August 23, 2004

Mounting Frustration

So I've decided that I definatley, positively do not like working.

Today is the first day of classes at CU and I would give my right arm to be heading back to class.

Last night we sat around Colin's kitchen after gorging ourselves on sushi and talked about classes. I really love college and I miss the freedom.

My job is feeling like a huge ball and chain. I just keep trying to get into work earlier and earlier in the hopes that it will make the 8 hours go by faster.

Anyway, this weekend was pretty fun. Colin had some really dreamy friends come into town. We hiked on Saturday morning, then I went to the CU football scrimmage, crashed a BBQ of someone that I've met once, and then watched the Olympics. Sunday we did church, then went tubing down Boulder Creek (which was SOOOOOO cold), and made sushi for family dinner. All in all pretty great.

The mailman was retarded which at the time really upset me, but now I am numb to it and just annoyed.

Eric was weird to me and didn't call me when he said he would, but made up for it by calling and talking to me for an hour last night.

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katezmom said...

I look back at your blog abt Bryan and I think that the advice he gave is profound! It is the little daily grinds that just wear us down. I'm at home now and closing out this computer in anticipation of getting a new one next week. So,, don't send anything to me via jnj.