Friday, August 27, 2004

MTV Video Music Awards

Tonight I have an appointment to get my hair cut. Since I was bored at work yesterday I figured I would abuse my unlimited internet access privledges and try to find a good new look. My first impulse was to check to see what was "hip."

When I went to the site it was an explosion of advertising about the VMAs.

Now, I don't have TV at my house, so I didn't know that they were on this Sunday. When I went to that site it made me feel like a out-of-the-loop bumpkin. I felt like there were kids all over the country counting down to the awards show in eager anticipation. It almost intimated that some people had made those paper chains and hung them around their dorm rooms. Every morning they gleefully would tear off a link until, finally, after weeks of giddy anxiety they are allowed the opportunity to see Nelly and Christina Agulera "perform" on their 19" TV/VCR unit.

I'm sure there are some people who are excited about the show, and have even planned to watch it, but I'm hoping it isn't the vast majority of our nation's youth. Just MTV making me feel like I'm a complete moron because I don't know who Paris Hilton is with these days. It made me kind of disappointed because I don't really like MTV telling me how to think or feel.

But I guess I can't really avoid that.

After work I went to the mall.

To Abercrombie in fact.

I just walked around the store looking at clothes that I didn't really think were that cute, but realized that this store was trying to tell me to think that they were cute.

Why must pop culture force itself upon me?

Why am I so easily convinced to agree with them?



Byagi said...

Sometimes, it just feels easier not to fight it, I guess. It's forced upon you because they know that's where the money is. It's sad sometimes.

katezmom said...

I know who Paris Hilton is. I am so with it. Be gone all week. Have fun.