Thursday, August 19, 2004

My vacation

So I guess the best way to get all this stuff down is to break it up into a day-by-day report.

Worked half a day and then took off to start my adventure. As I was pumping my gas at the station, the mailman called me and asked if I was still in town. I said yes. He said that he wished he could see me before I left because he had something for my trip. I said that his house was actually on my way out of town, so I could stop by for a few minutes. He said good and we hung up. I drove over there and he got me a copy of The Alchemist. I guess it is one of his favorite books. I was really impressed. I love it when people get me books that mean a lot to them. I get a little insight into who they are. Also, he got me a Pepsi. So thoughtful, so nice, so perfect, so leaving in a week.

This strange girl from the ward asked if she could ride over to Utah with me. Being the good Samaritan that I am, I said sure. Actually, I figured that she would offer to help with the gas money...What a naive fool. Anyway, because she was going home to her house in Clearfield (north of Salt Lake) I decided to drive through Wyoming, which is a totally ugly, long, nast drive. When I got up to her house she informed me that she was moving to Utah, which meant that not only did I offer to give her a ride, but I offered to help her move all her crap. I tried to put on a smile and help out, but I was annoyed. I hate moving and I felt like I got tricked into doing it.

We took off an hour later than I had planned, but it was alright. She was really weird and entertaining to talk to, so that was nice. We got into a two hour discussion about the natural way she is going about curing her acne. Seriously, we talked about this for two hours. Yikes.

We got to her house in Utah at 11:45 and when she got out of the car she just ran off and played with her cats for 10 minutes. I was just standing there thinking, "get your freakin crap out of my car so I can drive the additional hour down to Orem!"

Got to grandma's (mom's mom) house at 1 in the morning. Collapsed into bed.

For some reason my alarm clock decided not to go off and I woke up at 8:15. My mom's flight arrived at 9:30 so I had to rush to get ready and drive like a crazy person up to Salt Lake. I picked her up and we went to my other grandma's (dad's mom) house to borrow her car. My grandma just cracks me up. She is so funny.

Anyway, we picked up the car and drove back to the airport to get my brother's family. The girls are SO cute! We got all the luggage and headed back to Orem. We played mini golf that night. I did horrible on the front, but I won on the back, so I was happy. We played arcade games and the girls each won a little prize. They are so much fun to be around.

That night I was going to go out with my friend Becky, but my sister, her boyfriend Dan, and my dad got in. We all sat around and talked for a while. At around 10 everyone was winding down. I suggested that Mags and Dan go up Provo canyon and look at the meteor shower. I don't know if they did or not, but it sounded like a fun romantic thing to do. It was something that I would have done if I'd had a boyfriend.

Dad started the day off right with a signature breakfast. He made the bacon right, and the hashbrowns were the right kind (no nasty peppers in them like last time). After breakfast I went to my friend Becky's house. We hung out and talked for a while. She made me blueberry pancakes that were DEliscious. She is such a rad friend. It seems like no matter how much time passes between times that we see each other, things are still the same. I like that.

At 11 we took off to go up to Layton to my cousin's homecoming. His talk was amazing. I'm sure he was a great missionary. I was so impressed by what he said and the familiarity he had with the scriptures. He has changed so much since he left. I was floored.

After church they had a party at his house and there were SO many cute boys. I was overwhelmed. At one point my brother thought it would be funny to tell one of them that I thought he was cute and I wanted him to bring me a drink. I didn't think he'd really do it, but as I watched him in horror walking up to him I knew I would have to act fast. I ran up the hill to their house faster than any Olympic time trial and practically body checked him out of the path of the cute boy. My whole family was watching and Mags said it was the funniest thing she's ever seem me do....EVER.

After the picnic party we stopped by grandma's house to drop of the car. Everyone was exhausted and crashed for a nap, except me and the girls. I showed them the player piano in the basement and we danced around to the music. It was rad. I am the best aunt ever.

When most of the people were awake we all went out to the patio and sat around and chatted. My grandma has installed misters on her patio so that it doesn't get so hot out there. The girls were playing in the mist. Grandma thought it would be fun to show them the bird bath in the back yard and how to drink from the spigot. Grandma also thought it would be a fun game to get her hand wet in the fountain and flick it on Kathryn (my 4 year old niece). Well, she did think it was a fun game and started flicking water back at Grandma. Then, she started flicking it at Dan, which I thought was great. I went out to the spigot with kathryn and she showed me how to drink. She was already soaked from playing in the fountain, so I took a big mouthful and spit it at her. We then spit at each other for a while. Then, she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said, "let's get Dan." We both took big mouthfuls and ran over to him. She tried to spit it out, but it only came out in a dribble. Then, to the shock of everyone, I hit him full force with my mouthful. The look of pure surprise on his face was priceless. He picked me up and tried to dunk me in the fountain, but stopped short because it is cement and I was flipping around so much he didn't want to hurt me. I turned around and was met with a whole cup full of water to the face. From there it escalated to a full family water fight with two hoses, cups and a watering can. It was great. Everyone but my mom, Maggie, and my sister-in-law Jodi got into it. It was right then that I realized I really like Dan and am totally excited that Maggie is talking seriously with him. Yea! Someone to play with!

Anyway, we were all wearing out Sunday clothes and were soaked. We changed into some of Grandma's clothes and waited for our clothes to dry out. We had KFC for dinner (a Timothy family classic).

By the time we got home everyone was exhausted. We went over to my Aunt Marci's house and roasted marshmallows in her fire pit. I played the guitar and it was awesome to just hang out.

Woke up early and went to Lagoon. I thought it was going to be painful to go with the girls because it would be hot and we'd have to wait in lines, but it was actually a ton of fun. Having Dan there was great because he'd go on the scary rides with me and Nathan. Maggie is a little bit of a baby when it comes to rides. I think this probably stemms back to the whole "getting hit by a car" thing. Anyway, we spent all day on rides and at the water park. I was so tired that I fell asleep in a chair after we'd eaten at Arby's. Me and the 4 year old both got tuckered out.

After getting back to Orem, I called up my freshmen year roommate, Nicole. I went over there and we talked for an hour. She just got back from her mission and was so excited about school. She looked so pretty I was really impressed. I was also really jealous that she was starting back up at school. I miss that. I crave school sometimes.

After hanging out with Nicole, I spent some time with Bryan. Man is that kid good looking! He drove up next to my car on his little scooter and I started to drool. Everytime I see him I get an ego boost because He is so smart and good looking and funny and at one point wanted me. That's always nice for the self esteem.

To fully understand, you have to know some of the history with me and this kid. All through college he was in my classes. We got to be really good friends and I always thought he was totally dreamy. I was always dating someone else, so nothing ever happened until the last few weeks I was in Provo (how typical). After graduation we spent some of the greatest days together. I had one of my top 5 most romantic nights with him the last night he was in Provo. He found a deserted park in the middle of the city and talked and cuddled and kissed. It was perfect. Anyway, he left and I figured I'd never see him again. I stayed in Provo for a month. My very last night in Provo, he called me up and said he was back in town. The summer job he had planned hadn't really worked out and he was back. We spent that night together and it was pretty much text book fairy tale. Anyway, I knew even in the moment that the reason it was like that was because it wasn't real. At the end of last summer I was having a really hard time and I called him out of the blue to say hi. He gave me some of the greatest advice I've ever had. It was really hard to hear at the time, but now I consider him one of my greatest friends because he was blunt and told me what I needed to hear.

anyway, we talked about him going off to law school at NYU. We also talked about Maggie and her boyfriend. Also, I told him about my frustrations with work and how I feel like I'm not going anywhere. He has surprisingly good advice.

We talked about how the hardest trials might not be the big ones that are epic and obviously "trials." Sure, they are hard, but the are clear. The hardest trials might be learning to deal with mediocrity and rising above it. Maybe trying to make the mundane into the incredible is harder than trying to correct the devastating. Anyway, it was a really interesting conversation. It made me want to go back to school so that I can have discussions like that. I want to be surrounded by people like Bryan who challenge me and make me think. That's why I like Colin and Sarah so much. They do that for me here in Colorado. Anyway, as we were saying goodbye, he took me in his arms and held me tight. I knew the chances were good that it was the last time I'd ever see him. I was standing on a step above him, so we were cheek to cheek and I was overcome with the feeling that I was saying goodbye to someone who has such an unlikely candidate to be as great a friend as he turned out to be. Watch out for Bryan because I'm sure he'll take over the world.

We spent Tuesday up at Temple square. Had lunch at the Lion house, went on the tour of the Beehive house, took the tour of the conference center, walked around looking at the temple. While I was on the grounds I looked at my little sister and Dan and I just felt like they were a great match. I think my ragged nerves about the whole thing got smoothed out. I am so grateful for that little bit of peace.

At 5 we went to my cousin's soccer game. She's only in 9th grade and she is starting on the JV team, which is really good in Orem, where everyone plays soccer.

After the game we all went back and had tacos. I taught Maggie, Dan and my cousin Rachel to play CRUD. This is the greatest game and if it is all I get out of knowing the mailman it will have made the friendship worth everything.

After dinner I watched some Olympics and went to bed.

We got up and went down to campus. Mags had to talk to some professors and I just wanted some chocolate milk and an asiago cheese bagel. While we were on campus I just got so happy at the prospect of being back in school. I was excited for the first day of class and just being in the school environment. I think that was confirmation that applying to schools again is the right thing for me to do. It's nice to feel like I have direction again. While I was on campus I saw James, which was great. He looked so happy and I am so proud of him! He's going to have his masters in December and a new baby in June. Everything is working out so well for him. I am way impressed.

We were going to get pedicures, but I decided I had to hit the road for home so I bailed.

The drive was great. Not too hot, so I could drive with the window open the whole way. Except when I got to our side of the mountains and there was a torrential downpour. Great welcome back weather.

I went over to Sarah's to watch Olympics and do laundry. I got to hang out with Amy E and her boyfriend Danny. I guess they've decided to get married next May, but aren't making it official until she has the ring. As soon as Danny's student loans come in, he's going to buy her one. Does that make anyone else laugh?

I guess a bunch of people have decided to go to Mexico again for New Years. I don't think I'll go because I want to go to Amy (my roommate's) wedding and they thoughtlessly decided to stay on their vacation until Jan 10, when her wedding is on the 8th. I think that is so rude. If I were her I'd be SO hurt. Why would you do that to someone you consider a really good friend? I guess some people just have a different view of what loyalty to friends encompasses.


the narrator said...

i met your grandma once (i'm not sure which one). i don't recall much. just that she was old.

glad you had fun. say hi to your sister for me... she doesn't seem to want to say hi back to me for some reason. i'm guessing she's still struggling to overcome her over-powering love for me ;)

Katie said...

I'm sure it is her overwhelming love for you and the conflict that poses deep within her soul that is prohibiting her contacting you....that or the fact that she has no access to the internet right now and is pretty busy entertaining Dan.

You probably met my mom's mom becuase she is the one that lives in Orem. They are away touring Alaska right now, so I didn't get to hang out with them.

Good luck starting school back up. I'm way jealous.