Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The reunion

So, I know it is lame to get caught up in TV so much, but I just don't care.

Last night I both loved and hated the show.

And by "the show" I of course mean Gilmore Girls.

I loved that Lor and Rory made up. That was so perfect. I really felt Lor's excitement when she told Luke they could finally set a date.


I have to admit that I think the whole "Luke has an illegitimate 12 year-old daughter" is just a little bit retarded, and over dramatic for the tone of the story. Seriously, it is supposed to be about ordinary people and this step just seemed too day-time drama for me. What next, Sukie's twins were switched at birth? Or maybe Emily will be possessed by the devil?

Seriously, writers, what were you thinking?


k said...

I enjoyed last nights episode too, but agree with your take on the whole Luke thing. Can't we just have an episode of 2 with no major drama??

By the way, your pictures are awesome!

Derrick said...

I've never even seen the show and I'm pissed! What the crap WERE those stupid writers thinking. I just hope that Sukie's twins aren't posessed by the devil as well as being switched at birth. I just hate it when that happens!

Kelly said...

Yes, thank you! I am so mad at how they're obviously trying to screw up Luke and Lorelai. I LOVE LOVE them together and think Christopher needs to GO AWAY! He was never there before and only pops in all territorial when it suits him. Grrr!

(Um, I guess I'm a little irate)

Anonymous said...

I don't think that show is about regular people at all. Have you even heard the way that they talk? It's like they live in some girl's fantasy of being smart. It's no doubt that said girl also has weird day-dreams about the devil and illegitimate children.

SkyBluePink said...

Amen, sister! I heart that show, but all this drama is killing me. And, of course, next weeks episode isn't too promising either. I predict a huge fight between Luke/Christopher/Lorelai and that is so NOT going to be pretty. Rahrr.

Erin said...

I just want to ring the writer's necks! Lorelei doesn't need anymore drama. She had plenty in the first few seasons. Now it is time for her to just settle down and finally be happy. BTW I am way to obsessed with this show, too.

brittany said...

luke has an illegitimate 12-year-old child? WHY? And sookie has twins?

i really need a television

girl from florida said...

I actually thought it was awesome.

When I was 18, I found out that my "dad" was really not my dad. And I met my biological father, who my mom had dated in high school... and had a one night stand with 18 years before.

So it IS a show about ordinary people.

girl from florida said...

PS. Although I REALLY REALLY hope Christopher goes away. He just irritates me!

Anonymous said...

Sookie doesn't have twins, they're just close in age.