Monday, November 28, 2005

Tree Day

My mom is very clever. In the spirit of Tom Sawyer she has devised a way to trick our entire family into happily helping her put up all of her many, MANY Christmas decorations in one day.

It is called "Tree Day" and it is almost as highly anticipated as Thanksgiving itself. The day after Thanksgiving everyone comes over to my mom's house and participates in decorating the tree, and house. You can almost feel the house throbbing to the rhythm of the most wonderful time of the year. My sister works on the gingerbread houses and I put the lights on the tree. Presents are handed out hourly. This year they culminated for me in an at home soft serve ice cream maker.

Anyway, this year to add to the festivities, my two little nieces put on hourly shows for the family. Every hour or so they made us all take a break, drink a diet coke, and watch their shows. Really, it was the same show over and over, but it was so cute it really didn't matter. My little niece, Kathryn:

would hold two big red bows on strings, one in each hand. Then, while Lexi switched on the musical carousel playing Jingle Bells, Kathryn would jump up and down and swing the red bows around, num-chuck style. After the aerobatics were over, she would serenade us with her own rendition of the classic jingle bells that went a little something like this:

Dashing tha-woo the um um um open um....oh the fiewds we go....laughing all the way, HA HA HA (at ear splitting volume)....bews on bum bum bum....making spiwits bwight....oh em fun ........OH

Jingo Bews, Jingo Bews, Jingo all the way.....OH McFun it is to wide in a one hose open slay. HEY! Jingo Bews, Jingo Bews, Jingo all the way.....OH McFun it is to wide in a one hose open slay

I called it the McDonald's version and am currently looking into a deal with the server of 99 billion hambugers for a holiday endorsement.


Anonymous said...

hey, its Alli from 63days. (and yes, its real)

Btw, my sisters and I say "Jingo bews" because it sounds awesome. Oh yeah, my youngest sis was/is at BYU when you were there. Its entirely possible that you never met, she majors in dance.

the end.

girl from florida said...

so cute! and an at home soft serve ice cream maker? I'm jealous!

k said...

That is such a smart mom idea! I haven't been around to help but the tree up in years, but I always used to be so into in and then burn out like 30 minutes later. If there were presents involved, I'd certainly be more motivated to help.

Now you can have ice cream all the time. How awesome is that!!

ShutteredEye said...

What a cool tradition. I wish we had traditions like would be cool to have something to look forward to.

Hmmm, that gives me a good idea for a post! Thank you!!

Genius said...

When I was posting the picture of C pushing over the tree I was totally thinking about Durango/Pitkin and C's love of pushing over/chopping down trees!

You'll have to come over and see 'the beast'!

I hope everything works out for your roomie!

katie said...

Your niece is so cute! What a great tradition.

L said...

Ooh, that sounds so fun. I wish my family did that. It seems that whenever Mom wants to pull out the decorations, no one is in the mood to help. We do, however, have a "Tree Night" at my grandmother's which is fun.

And, how cute when little kids like to perform...that made me laugh. Good post!

Elle said...

THat is SO cute! We didn't call it "tree day" or anything, but it was always a big deal when we would put our tree up as a kid. Now, I have my own little tree day by myself, and hopefully it will be this weekend because I havent had time to put it up yet. I KNOW! It's terrible! Already a week after thanksgiving and its not up YET!!