Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This is totally for reals

Very like the last installment of "I just realized what I said was really really dumb," my Spanish class today had a little gem of a moment.

We have finally got to my favorite section of learning another language...LA COMIDA!

I just love learning how to say food in other languages becuase I feel like it will be really useful to me.

Anyway, today we were learning how to say apple in Spanish. One of the exercises was, given a description of the food in Spanish, we had to determine the right vocab word.

Anyway, the description in the book was:

"Una fruta roja o verde" (A red or green fruit)

The answer, of course, was "Una manzana" (apple)

This girl, I'm sure before thinking, piped up and said, "So, I didn't know until a year ago that the red and green apples were different types of apples. I always thought that the yellow ones were the least ripe, the green ones were a little riper and the red were ready to eat. I totally didn't ever eat the green ones."

Yeah, and she is a SENIOR!

The whole class just tried to laugh along with her, but I was shocked and it was all I could do to wipe the, "where did you come from" slack-jawwed expression off my face.


Rachel said...

hahaha. that's funny, yet sad

trs said...

I was in high school when I figured out that there were not two kinds of dandilions.
I thought there were yellow ones, and white puffy ones... I didn't realize they were just in different stages.

I know, I know. (but at least I didn't announce my discovery in front of a huge crowd)

Anth said...

Wow how incredibly ditzy.

L said...

Wow! She should've kept that to herself.

Elle said...

And these people are about to be released into society....SCARY!!

k said...

I have to admit I am known for having no common sense. While I do understand the difference in apple colors, I could totally see myself thinking something like that. I just wouldn't announce it in front of my whole class. Only to my close friends who would then certainly make fun of me non-stop (and probably tell the whole class!). Someone has to provide the laughs though!

wendy said...

i really like your blog. just so you know.

so funny!

Al said...

I'll bet she doesn't know that Key Limes are green before they ripen and turn yellow when they're ripe. (They also turn brown when they are 'way past ripe.)