Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Caring or creepy?

I just read a job description that kind of baffled me. Two of the requirements were:

"fantastic communicator"



How am I supposed to know if I'm either of these things, since both are perceptions of someone outside myself? Or are these the types of traits that you just know it when you got it?

If so, then I'm pretty sure I don't.

I mean, is a "fantastic communicator" the kind of person who makes random comments to strangers in the grocery checkout lane? Is she the kind of nosy person who sees someone with a flat of Gatorade, a flat of vitamin water and a case of capri sun and says, "Looks like someone is getting their hydration on!"

Or notices the pint of pumpkin pie ice cream in another basket, turns to the basket's owner and says, "Oh, have you tried that yet? Is it good?"

Or cannot stop herself from playing peek-a-boo with every child strapped into a metal buggy?

Is a "charismatic" person obsessed with making the lady at the DMV smile and laugh at her jokes? Does that person strive to be their waiter's favorite customer all night? Does she enthusiastically greet an unknown 15 year old walking to his bus stop at 7 in the morning and really expect to get a warm reception?

Because, if so, then maybe I should really consider applying for the job.


Anonymous said...

You are both charismatic and a fantastic communicator (just observations from reading your blog for the past few months)

K (aka GFC)

Greeneyes said...

Oohhhh, I like the new look. You should sell your blog-primping skillz to folks. I'd be buying.

TRS said...

I would have suggested you qualified even without your shining examples!

and I agree with greeneyes... teach me to jazz up my blog decor...I'm so sick of my polkadots and colorscheme - but I still like them better than the other blogger options.