Friday, January 09, 2009

Clip Clip

Last night we went to Smashburger for dinner. I know, REALLY healthy, right? Well as I sat there in our greasy booth waiting for my ground beef fix I noticed that every single song that they played came out during my junior or senior year of high school. The ear doctor shuddered in horror as I proudly demonstrated my uncanny ability to remember each and every single lyric of the Spice Girl's 1997 classic Say You'll Be There. Suddenly I was awash in memories.

In high school I had a best friend. The kind of best friend that they show in movies. We did everything together and I just loved being around her. Since then, time and distance have played their dirty tricks and we are no longer as close as we once were. (But I bet if we were in the same room and the rap from Teen Witch started playing we'd both be able to shut it down.)

One time when we were hanging out in her bedroom, playing with her little dogs she said to me, "You're not really a dog person are you? You're more of a fish-as-a-pet kind of person."

Oh the horror this struck in my little 16 year old heart! In (typical) over dramatic, self centered, immature Katie world this meant that she thought I was a cold hearted, aquatic loving FREAK.

In reality, her off-handed and unintentional comment isn't even an insult as fish are really beautiful, but for some reason it stuck with me. I'm sure she doesn't even remember saying it.

Weird how some little comment can stay with you for so long, huh?

We had to rush through our burgers last night because the ear doctor had basketball practice. He had to make sure he got home in time to get ready for practice. I was a little confused as routine for getting ready for physical activity basically consists of finding an old BYU t-shirt and a rubber band. Turns out there is one specific activity in which he MUST engage before playing basketball.

8 years ago he was playing a pick-up game of hoops with a bunch of guys. After one particular encounter some dude turned back to him and yelled (in front of the entire gym of people), "Jeez dude, CLIP YOUR NAILS!" Ever since he has RITUALLY clipped his nails almost down to bloody stubs before he plays.

Anybody else have weird things like this? Surely we can't be the only ones?

He made me promise to tell you that he ALWAYS has short nails...I did not marry this guy:


CageQueen said...

My hubby plays softball and his ritual is to wear these digusting, holy "sliding pants" that look like rags. The elastic in the waist is totally run down and they are the color of the mound. Yet he MUST wear them.

P.S. Good for the Ear Dr. for manscaping. I bring hubby to the salon to get pedicures because that's the only way he's rubbing his feet on me at night! :)

Janssen said...

Oh that last picture nearly did me in. GROSS! :)

Anonymous said...

Katie.... Garrett plays basketball??? can i come with you to a game?

Jamie (fellow ear nerd)

Greeneyes said...

Heeee, "manscaping"! I love it.

Amanda said...

so i'm a lurker. i love you blog, but have never been compelled to comment before. okay, so maybe i've been compelled, but just too lazy.

i can't believe that no one has said anything, but teen witch! i loved that movie and i could (and would) certainly join in! that single line made me smile! thanks!

sam said...

I don't know anything about Teen Witch (I must have been deprived as a child) but this is the second reference I've heard to it this week. The first came from last week's "30 Rock" where Kenneth does the rap. You should check it out.

Mindy said...

I'm also a blurker and linked over from Maggie's blog. I understand you hubby's toe thing. I used to paint my toenails before a date, even though I usually ended up wearing closed-toed shoes. It made me feel cuter, and I had to do it.

Kylene said...

"Top that!" Hahaaaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

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