Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I probably deserve it

The most heinous thing someone can do to your car when they borrow it, aside from total the thing, is to change the pre-set stations on your radio.

I know, I know, probably most of you probably just said to yourself, "huh? the radio? does anyone still listen to that ole thing?"

Yes....I do.

And I still really like it because where else are you going to be just driving down the road and be surprised to hear a little No Diggity, No Doubt pumping from your killer (factory standard) system? Nowhere.

Which is exactly why I have the Denver R&B/rap station on my pre-sets. I never want to miss out on the chance to hear the tunes I used to awkwardly jump dance to at middle school dances. I can't get enough of the nostalgia. The ear doctor, on the other hand, could do without.

For some reason he accuses me of blatantly blaring really annoying (to him) hip hop music and singing all of the lyrics while looking him in the eye just waiting for him to cringe and get annoyed. He thinks my crooning, "Strictly biz, she don't play around cover much ground, got game by the pound" while grinning and staring in his direction is in some way my attempt to INTENTIONALLY bug him?!?!? What kind of wife would I be if I did that?

I mean, seriously, the following rhymes just really speak to my soul and typify the upper middle class Caucasian, privileged childhood I experienced: "She got tricks in the stash, stacking up the cash, fast when it comes to the gas"

I liked magic shows, and getting an allowance and I couldn't wait to drive the 1984 red ford pick-up that topped at 55 mph when I turned 16. Is it my fault that they just resonate with me?

Apparently it is, because the ear doctor H-A-T-E-D me adding my smooth free-stylin to the mix. His uber-mature solution?

He changed my pre-set station to the Mexican station.

Aye, Aye, Aye!

We out, we out


Maggie said...

It was an 83. I remember because that made it older than me.

// e // said...

I just died.

and went to heaven over this post.

Tyler said...

Viva Mexico! I love our Mexican radio station, La Grande. The words are great, truly the song are a story of survival.