Thursday, January 21, 2010

The kiddies are here!

Last night I picked my sister and her to adorable kiddos up at the airport. After a day of FRANTICALLY trying to get the kitchen into a toddler-friendly condition I flew out to get them. As I drove down the passenger pick up lane where "ONLY WAITING FOR PASSENGERS, NO PARKING" is allowed I spied my adorable sister in a beautiful red trenchcoat and and adorable black cloche hat.

But what really caught my eye was the almost 3 year old standing up on her tippy toes in the back of the double stroller. There was a open mouthed grin from ear to ear and it was clear that the squeal of joy coming from her mouth was probably reverberating off every cement beam in the structure.

I can't be sure.

I was still in the car.

I stopped, jumped out as quickly as my home-renovation-sore muscles would allow and ran to my little Charlotte girl. After a hug I was presented with a gift.

An art project colored on a white paper airplane barf bag.

It has officially become the first and perfect piece of art that is prominently displayed on my brand spankin new beautiful space-aged fridge.


dad said...


Jessica said...

I can't wait for pictures- of the kitchen and the priceless art work!

Melinda said...

Aww, this made me think of when I saw my little niece (who is now 10yrs old) after my sis and fam moved to California. She sat up straight in her high chair in the Chinese restaurant and her mouth made a perfect "O". :) Love being an Aunt!!!!!