Monday, January 11, 2010

Put on Pause

After driving for 3 days straight we've returned to Colorado from our Californian Christmas Adventure. But, since we've arrived we've been working non stop to get the kitchen renovation buttoned up. And in the process it seems like I've lost all semblance of excited New Year Spirit.

My house is a mess

My clothes/dishes/furniture are all over the place

My hair is grown to an uncomfortable length

My waist is the biggest it's ever been

My work is the same exact pile of stuff I left here in December

My food is basically expensive take out that is starting to taste the same

Nothing seems new or fresh right now

Well, that's not entirely true...

As each screw goes into the wall to anchor our brand new kitchen cabinets my heart starts to beat a little more excited. And when my husband and dad had the beautiful new white farmhouse sink in place last night I may have done a little happy dance across the room. And my sister is coming to visit next week.

So when LG decides to finally ship us our appliances (topic for another post) I might take the ear doctor out to a fancy dinner and stay up until midnight to re-ring in 2010. Until then, I'm just going to pretend that the new year hasn't happened yet.

Is that OK?


Megan said...

oh! I want to see it! I want to see a cute kitchen since mine is ANYTHING but cute.

Maggie said...

It sounds like a great plan to me. I can't wait until we come to see you guys! I started thinking about what to pack and it's more than a week away still.

Reb said...

YOu have a very Lucky husband. Hope it all turns out awesome. I am laughing imagining the happy dance across the floor. Go white girl.

Greeneyes said...

Ugh. Extended home projects are loathsome creatures with mean personalities all their own.

On the flip side though...did I read "farmhouse sink"? Be still my heart, you are a super-lucky girl! Hang in there. {This is only that phase when you get to take lots of "before" pictures.}

TRS said...

Can't wait to see pictures.

Then next week I'll secretly try to guess where you'll take Maggie while in Denver - and try to stalk you for blog sitings! (kidding!)

Anonymous said...


MSmith said...

i love u. calculations - all home remodeling takes triple the time, four times the physical energy, and three times the cost.