Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Not to brag but...

Well, the decade of the 2010's is off to a great start. Which is more than I can say for the last decade.

The last decade was rung in by me staying up late in my grandma's basement all alone finishing up the latest installment of Harry Potter.

Try not to be too impressed by my total and utter coolness.

No, this decade started off right...with a smooch from my best friend and husband.

The next day? Staying home all day in pj's watching TV and eating until I practically exploded.

Since then I've done the following:
  • Spent all day at Disneyland and got to see the Christmas decorations up. No one does festive like the happiest place on earth
  • Took my first trip to bloggers weren't kidding about that place. It's AMAZING.
  • Went out to dinner steps from the ocean with my best friend from high school who is just as awesome as I remember her.
  • Got to go to the San Diego Wild Animal park on a day when it was practically deserted.
  • Saw Avatar, Young Victoria, and Sherlock Holmes. All were AWESOME!

If the past week is any indication of the upcoming events of the decade I'm in for a pretty unbelievable new year!


the Adkins said...

I love IKEA, and happy 2010!

Janssen said...

Disneyland AND IKEA? Your life is good :)

Hannah said...

Ikea is the way to start the year off right!