Monday, June 06, 2005

Party Throwing Pro

Just so you all know, I have a strange and un-natural fear of throwing parties. I feel like I am SO bad at it. I get really worked up planning and getting the food perfect that I am just frazzled. Then, when everyone shows up I am so tense and worried that not everyone will have a good time. I flit around the room trying to get everyone there into an interesting conversion.

I always take things personally. If people don't show up to my party I think it is because they think I'm lame. Oh how I wish I could just realize that they probably just had something else to do.

Anyway, I am happy to announce that I threw to AWESOME parties this weekend! Hooray for me!

The first was Saturday morning. I threw Sarah's bridal shower and it was so much fun. Everyone had a blast, my decorations were ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over. The food was perfect. And even though the weather was crappy, everyone still had a great time.

The second was a dinner party last night. I invited 16 people and 14 showed up, so that was great. It was really fun because it was a bunch of people who didn't really know each other or hang out and they all got along really well and made plans to hang out together sans moi. Pretty perfect if you ask me.

After dinner everyone just kind of sat around and talked. Somehow all the guys migrated to the TV and watched Simpsons and all the girls migrated to the front room and we chatted about all kinds of stuff. I had to laugh at the situation and how totally stereotypical the whole thing was.


Maggie said...

YEAH for Katie! I think that's the reason I don't like being FHE coordinator. If someone doesn't like it or if nobody comes I feel like they think I'm lame. Good thing I'll only have to do FHE as a family from now on. They have to come whether they want to or not! HAHAHAHAHA!

the ear doctor said...

The party was awesome!

... but don't forget t give props to the help!!

girl from florida said...

Yay for Katie!!! :) :)

I've always heard that a wonderful, happy party has a happy, non-stressed hostess. And I've always tried to remember that. Anytime I've been to a horrible party, it was totally reflective of the hostess's emotions. So I just try to laugh and have fun and not worry. So I'm sure your parties are all actually quite fun and successful :)

Cady said...

What were the decorations like?? I am always looking for cute ideas for showers...especially for bridal showers. I think your blog is fun!