Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Something weird happened to my personality while I wasn't watching. It just sneaked up on me and caught me totally unawares. I

think I may have become a hypochondriac without even knowing it.

Let me prove it to you.

About 2 weeks ago I had a strange, roundish, red mark on the inside of my left bicep. It wasn't black or blue, purple or green so it didn't match the rest of the bruises covering my body from falling into the hole (a whole different story). My immediate response was to go to WebMD and look at skin cancer. I actually thought I had a little melanoma growing on my arm that had appeared over night.

The second evidence of my new attribute comes to me today.

Yesterday afternoon my throat started hurting. Pretty badly. Last night I felt hot and achy all over. The ear doctor brought me pudding and popsicles and watched Gilmore Girls with me (even though he thinks it is lame). This morning I woke up and it still hurt. As soon as I got into work I hit up WebMD and I've decided that I either have early stages of Strep throat or tonsillitis. I even took my little LED flashlight into the bathroom to look down my throat for white spots on my tonsils.

It wasn't cancer, and this is probably nothing, but I'll keep you posted.


katezmom said...

Oh my, you are such a family member! Your dad does the same thing.

Maggie said...

So do you mom! Only you do it with migranes and brain tumors!

Elle said...

aww, i hope it goes away soon! I hate sore throats! They are the worst!