Monday, August 31, 2009

Grow up already

The 10 years I spent in the dating pool taught me a lot about relationships. And the lessons extended beyond the confines of a romantic relationships. I learned that I really value a forgiving heart. I realized how important it was to be around people who help me take life less seriously. I discovered how truly terrible I am at expressing my emotions.

I learned how to start an interesting conversation. I learned how to gage someone else's interest level. I learned how to appropriately offer to pay the tab.

But the one thing I never learned was how to gracefully break up with someone.

I either got dumped (sometimes gracefully...sometimes not) or just stopped calling someone. I never once sat down and told someone that I liked them, I just didn't LIKE LIKE them.

And it's really too bad because in life, I've found, there are tons of times where this skill would come in useful. The ability to tactfully express displeasure....not in my bag of tricks. Put in this situation I find myself jumping from being too blunt to wanting to tell white lies to smooth over the rough edges and keep myself from feeling bad. And I know neither are the right, mature, open thing to do.

So I ask the ear doctor to do it for me.


Mental note: husbands are there to lift you up to a higher plane. To stretch you out and help you become a taller, stronger person. They are not, as I've been using mine, a crutch to lean on, thereby developing scoliosis and becoming a withered old hag.

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