Friday, August 14, 2009

Work friends

If you've never worked in a large open gray room subdivided by hundreds of cubicles then I'm not sure you're really be able to relate with this post. Just a heads up.

There's a moment in Julie and Julia where she gets her first blog comment and she's so excited she stands up and high fives the woman who works in the neighboring cube.

I loved this moment.

And although I really related to the thrill of getting a new comment from a new reader that isn't what has stuck with me. It's the work friend relationship.

Since moving to this new job that is what I've missed the most. My work friends. I walk down the long hallways thinking of funny things to tell my old work friends or funny pranks to play on them and then I come to the sobering realization that I don't have them anymore.

It's quite a sad thing to loose people who played such a constant role in my daily life.


Kalli Ko said...

Here's a bonus, a new reader AND a comment all in one, JACKPOT!

I know exactly how you feel. Over a year ago in March of 2008, I came home from vacation and got laid off the very day our plane landed from Hawaii. I wasn't so sad to leave the actual job per se, but I was despondent over leaving my work friends. They were incredible and I still count it as the best job I ever had, thanks largely to the people I had around me.

Since then, many babies have been born, a few more lay offs, people moved out of state... I like to tell myself that it all happened because I left first. No one could bear working there without me, right? Right.

heather said...

Hey Katie! I actually just forwarded your post on to some very good work friends who I miss dearly! I'm glad I'm still friends with all of them, but I miss that day-to-day fun!! :-(

Jill said...

Do you still have the craft? It belongs on this website:

Greeneyes said...

I feel your pain. I am in the process of settling in to a new position myself, and I keep doing an unconscious mental search for my former work posse so that I can share funny/inappropriate/noteworthy stories.

For lo, being the new kid sucketh mightily.

dad said...

My work friends are starting to pass away. People in our lives is what makes it fun.