Monday, August 17, 2009

The one?

Could it be? Have we found it?

After walking through about a 60 different houses the ear doctor and I are *this close* to making an offer on this little beauty:

She is so perfectly located, and fits us to a T. I stood out on that front porch in the middle of a rainstorm yesterday afternoon and felt a sense of calm settle over me.

But I'm not about to lie to you and say she's perfect. The kitchen is tiny, there isn't a spec of counter space. The previous owners painted over wallpaper in both living and dining room and "finished" the upper floor with particle board instead of sheet rock. The back yard has weeds up to my shoulders and the only bathroom is on the main floor while the master bedroom is upstairs.

But, just take a look at that window! Lovely!


TRS said...

Very cute!

I was actually thinking of you yesterday... I thought maybe before you put a bid on a house that needs work, you may want to talk to a contractor or two, have them walk through it with you and see if they can give you an idea what can be done and what it might cost.

I worked with a few contractors on an HGTV show that I used to produce. BOA Construction in Denver is very good about working to match the new work to the character of an older home... they may be expensive, but they are good! (BOA made a bathroom out of a second floor hall closet - for example) There's another company that did some great demo and reconstruction... very creative - can do - group.
If you want I'll look up the name.

Nicola said...

Oh this is so very exciting!!! Good luck with everything- I just went under contract on MY VERY OWN (!) first house and it is thrilling and absolutely terrifying!

Anonymous said...

RUN.... Look like a money pit to fix-up :(

Stephanie said...

Have you selected a home inspector yet? Especially because you're looking at older houses, make sure you have a good inspector. Ours found most of the little issues with our house, but he did miss a few that have cost us some money. If you think you'll be doing lots of work, get a contractor to walk through the house with you.

Good luck if you do decide to offer. :-)