Thursday, December 17, 2009

Definatley not Angela

Good news everyone...I've officially made it here at my new(ish) job. It's been a long hard 6 months, but today I've arrived. I've been invited into the inner sanctum of....wait for it...the party planning committee.
Yup, despite being in a male dominated industry, I was invited to help put up the decorations with a group 100% female members.
As part of the committee I spent an hour of my time covering conference room tables with cheap wrapping paper and draping the walls with green plastic garland.


heather said...

Hopefully you'll avoid a rival party planning committee ruining your holiday soiree. If they do, just hide their extension cord! :-)

Melinda said...

BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Oh thank you. I needed a huge laugh right this moment. :)

dad said...

You do plan a mean party.