Monday, December 14, 2009

Utter shame

So, after sending my wish for a home cooked meal out into the ether of the Internet, the ear doctor and I were promptly invited over for a perfectly cooked Sunday dinner.

One of my newest friends texted me and practically demanded that she save us from another night of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Gratefully, I immediately took her up on her offer. In addition to providing awesome food, sparkling conversation and a little competitive scrabble action, these friends LOVE our dog making them the perfect people to spend an entire afternoon/evening with. You see, they used to have a dog but had to find another home for him when they moved from Arizona to Colorado. They miss their dog terribly so anytime Roscoe is around they are thrilled!

Excitedly we all piled into the car, Roscoe included, and drove over to their house.

Dinner was awesome.

Roscoe played so gently and lovingly with their little 18 month old darling.

After dinner we all went down to the basement to kick off our shoes and play some games. Things were going so well until we all looked over and saw that Roscoe was BENT OVER TAKING A DUMP ON THEIR FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never been so embarrassed in my life. We quickly cleaned the place and disinfected with bleach, but the image of his brown lump of goo on their white sealed cement floor will haunt me for eternity.

But you know what? They were totally cool with it. They'd had a dog. They understood.

But seriously, Roscoe is NEVER going to someone's house again.


Anonymous said...

Good decision on ROSCO.

SeƱora H-B said...

Perhaps I can assuage your embarrassment... When our dog was a puppy (and she was just MY dog), she would ALWAYS leave a little 'present' at new peoples' houses. (Okay, by always, I mean 3 times, not like a million, because that's gross). It was so disgusting. You should know that she has long-since grown out of it. So there's hope!

Anonymous said...

love mom

The Mama said...

At least it was on a floor that was easily disinfected, not on carpet. :-)

Robyn said...

seriously... thank goodness it was on hard floor! Our old dog was sick twice (from the same end as Roscoe) when we spent the night at a friend's new house once. And their floor was WHITE CARPET!! It was awful.

Greeneyes said...

Once upon a time friends of mine were paid a visit from the home teachers. Said visitor brought his 18-month-old daughter and wife along for the visit. Somewhere in the mix, the toddler managed to work a hefty #2 around the barriers of her diaper and tread it well into the (very light) carpet before anyone caught her.

If you ever have kids, you may want to leave them in Roscoe's care while you go out to visit friends. Just think of the fun. : )