Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Denial: A photo essay

Looking around our living/dining room last night I started to feel pretty good about the house. There were so few boxes and things were really starting to look like we've moved in.

I mean, aside from having a bed in the dining room (it won't fit down the stairs into the basement) and a stack of boxes holding kitchen stuff that can't be put away until the renovation is done, it's basically livable!

I was really feelin great...until I looked in our kitchen:

And then I peered into our basement bedrooms:

Do you think if I just close the doors I won't have to unpack all that stuff?


Erin said...

Absolutely! If you close the door you will not have to unpack those boxes. They may even unpack themselves (but probably not). I may or may not have boxes in an unfinished storage area from a move almost 2 years ago that are still waiting for me to find a home for their contents.

sam said...

I'm so excited for you Katie! Your place is going to be so cozy once you've finished moving in. I'm living the house owner dream vicariously through you. :)

Janssen said...

It is SO lovely. Can't wait to see it when's it is finished. I'm so homesick for my darling house in Texas.

Greeneyes said...

Some things that have helped in my moving experiences:

1. Deep cleansing breaths. Get away from the boxes if you feel yourself getting too sucked in/overwhelmed.

2. Get thee to the Container Store. Just having the little spaces (under the sink, in bathroom drawers and medicine cabinets, hall closets) done up/organized right can make you feel like a million bucks, and it optimizes what space you do have.

3. Lots of deep, cleansing breaths. Welcome to the homeowners league!!