Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The great kitchen reveal: Construction Phase

While the room was empty we hired and electrician to come out and update the whole room. He added a bunch of outlets to the interior wall so it was more functional, he made sure everything was up to code. It was pretty expensive, but I feel like it was totally worth it. And every time I plug in my kitchenaide to make cookies I'm glad we made the investment.

Our kitchen basically stayed in this unfinished state for a full month. Because we didn't have the design firmed up before we started we had to wait for the cabinets to be delivered. It was a little frustrating, but we took advantage of the down time to patch and repair the plaster walls. There were all kinds of holes and imperfections that needed to be ground out and filled in.

The first thing that we put in was brand spanking new subfloor.

It smelled so good and made me really excited to get stuff all in place.

My parents both made the trip to Colorado to help us hang the cabinets, paint and finish unpacking the rest of the house. Hanging cabinets isn't really all that hard, unless you live in an 80 year old house with the most crooked plaster walls in the world. It was slow going, but REALLY exciting to see it starting to come together.

Next we primed, painted, put our beautiful farmhouse sink in place and installed our faucet. We didn't have any of the plumbing hooked up yet since we were waiting for our appliances to arrive.


denise said...

I came too

Kari said...

Your parents are awesome! Love love the sink. It is going into the ideas for kitchen reno file!


Maggie said...

You had to paint the sink?

MSmith said...

I love seeing the process. It makes me want to tear out a wall.

Greeneyes said...

Question for ya: a farmhouse sink is a feature of my someday dream kitchen, as well, but I've always envisioned mine as one massive vessel--no divider to make it a double sink. How do you like having a double sink? Any drawbacks to it? What made you decide to go double vs. a big single sink? What are your engineer's thoughts on a gargantuous single farmhouse sink?

{okay, more than just "a" question...}

p.s. We got the same ladder when we bought our house. It makes me sooo happy on big projects.

Hope Underwood said...

Where is your “final reveal” post for this? I’m curious as to how this turned out. The drastic change in the atmosphere must be pretty fantastic, what with the color scheme going from dark to light. The change of paint is sometimes enough to give a place a total makeover, although I would love to see what else you’ve added or put together in this overhaul. Have a nice day!

Hope Underwood @ Level and Square Construction