Monday, April 26, 2010

How do you know....

I know most kids are a little fanatical about the movies they watch. I read somewhere that they like to watch the same thing over and over because it's really comforting to be able to know what is going to happen. It's a nice contrast from their normal lives where everything is constantly new and surprising.

Anyway, if most kids are a little fanatical, my sister and I were FANATICAL! ALL CAPS! OUT OF CONTROL! As in, my mom had to hide our copy of White Christmas in JULY because she was sick of hearing us belt "Sisters, Sisters" at the top of our lungs.

Oh, and the week we rented Troop Beverly Hills from blockbuster lives in infamy. Shelley Long is no longer welcome on my parent's TV screen.

And the trend hasn't stopped since I've become and adult. Sometimes a movie will strike a chord deep within my soul and all I want to do is watch it over and over again. The most recent cinematic triumph to prompt my repeat-button-pushing-finger?


I know every single lyric to every single song in that movie. The lines come popping into my brain constantly, whenever the mood or situation strikes.

And strike it did...last night. For some reason our dog Roscoe was avoiding the ear doctor all day. It was really strange and annoying, so before bed the ear doctor sat down on the floor in the middle of our living room and called him over. Tentatively, the dog approached. He sniffed around and plopped down between the ear doctor's outstretched legs.

Roscoe then proceeded to lick his privates.

I laughed and said, "that's how you know he loves you, right?"

A millisecond later I had been transported to central park and was flitting around the house singing about our dog's love for the ear doctor. I half expected some Jamaican men with steel drums to come marching through the front door.

The ear doctor looked on the scene with combined amazement and fear...and I'm pretty sure I saw him sneaking the Enchanted DVD up the back of his shirt to hide it away in some drawer somewhere.


Jessica said...

I watched Persuasion three times just this weekend. So yeah, I feel ya.

Erik, Amy, Eliza, Esther & Eden said...

So funny, because right now my oldest daughter LOVES enchanted. Actually, she LOVES Giselle. Our days are filled with the "Happy Working Song" over and over and over. We get out all our toys just so we can sing the song to put them back. I actually found the dress-up Giselle wedding dress on ebay for her birthday. So yep, I'm with ya. It doesn't help that the songs in this movie get stuck in your head so so easily.

Janssen said...

Totally wanting to sing "Sisters" for the rest of the day.

Maggie said...

In your defense you probably learned all the words to all the songs the first time you watched the movie. It doesn't take much for you to learn them.

poodle said...

what's that girls name? there were LOTS of strange people in san antonio. too many to choose from. haha

Anth said...

Ha! I love this story! I too love Enchanted, and it has been quite stuck in my head the past two weeks, because my mom just sent it to Miss E. I laugh at all different parts from Miss E, and she always asks me why I'm laughing. Er...

Btw, you will not regret purchasing that saute pan. I really am fond of it. It's just quite heavy, but you are probably not as wimpy wristed as me. :D