Monday, April 12, 2010

Turn it up

Last Wednesday night after youth group I offered rides home to a couple of the girls. They piled into my car and immediately asked if I'd crank up our local top 40s radio station.

Now, I'm not going to pretend that I'm all hipster and only listen to obscure musicians on my ipod or something. I like the radio and I know basically all the music played in heavy rotation...

..much to the ear doctor's chagrin. He thinks it's so lame that I listen to and actaully like current music.

But as I was sitting in the car with those two awesome girls, that Hey Soul Sister song by train came on and both girls started singing at the tops of their lungs. They sang with reckless abandon, at a volume the inside of my car has never experienced.

They sang...and I sang right along with them.

I was suddenly transported to my senior year of high school. To my days of carefree fun. To a moment sitting in the passenger seat of my best friends car as we belted out lyrics and bobbed our hands to the rhythm of music we'd probably both be embarrassed to admit now that we loved then.

After the song ended we had a lengthy discussion over who is better, Lady Gaga or Rihanna. (totally team gaga over here).

Then the new remake of Forever Young came on and one of the girls, the girl who will forever be lodged in my heart and memory, raised her fists in the air and basically screamed, without a hint of irony, "THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!!!!"

At that moment I was really proud that I wasn't too old or out of touch with this teenager to know every lyric of a song that was her jam.

Even if it makes the ear doctor's eyes roll so far into the back of his head that I never see his beautiful blue irises again.


dad said...

Good for you, ROCK ON. This morning I was treated to CSN, Bonnie Rait, James Taylor and Jackson Brown.

Great start to a great day.

Greeneyes said...

You are a rockin' advisor to those girls. I pray that my little sis ends up with someone like you in her path.

Goldilocks said...

So cute!! I love it!!!!

and yes, team gaga here too!!

cropstar said...

you. are. so. cool.