Friday, April 23, 2010

Right place right time

Yesterday in the middle of the day I had a thought pass through my mind. I thought that I should invite one of the teenagers from my church group over to our house for dinner. Odd, since I don't usually call up people to come on over to our house for a random weeknight dinner.

Usually I push those kind of ideas to the back of my head, but yesterday was different. I pulled over on the side of the road and texted her to see if she was up for it.

A millisecond later she said she really wanted to come over. High school kids are great texters...even during school hours.

So I arranged to pick her up after her tennis match.

On the drive to from the court to my front door she unloaded. She'd had a terrible day, her mother had been manipulative, where she was living was the pits, her teach and friends had teased her all day and she lost her tennis match.

As tears welled up in her eyes I reached over and put my arm around her. And I felt so humbled to be able to comfort this amazing girl.

And so grateful that I'd listened to my errant thought to drop her a line.


nurse graham said...

I wish I was that in tune. Usually I let "noise" interfere with thoughts/promptings and I'm sure I miss out on many opportunities to serve.

Good job on listening and then doing!

dad said...

Keep it up

TRS said...

Good job listening to the Holy Spirit!

heather said...

That is incredible! Both that you listened & that you were there for that girl! What a blessing you were to her (and probably you to her too)!!