Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New obsession

When I was in high school my mom volunteered her time every morning to teach high school kids lessons from the bible. For 5 years every single morning from 6 to 7 am was filled with a sincere desire to help sleeping, unwilling and often rude teenagers.

But in the summer she had her mornings to herself. After training her body to wake up at 5 am and get to work she couldn't turn it off, so she spent a good couple of hours working in her garden.

And let me tell you, her garden is spectacular.

But I always thought she was little bit crazy. I'd see her out there in her t-shirt 3 sizes too big, wide brimmed straw hat and sweat dripping down her face and just shake my head. I didn't get it.

But I think I'm starting to.

I get an absurd amount of joy from working in my garden. When it seems like I can't accomplish anything it is so rewarding to look back at a freshly weeded plot. Every time I pull into my driveway and see this as I walk up to my front door I feel as proud as a fifth-grader who just won the spelling bee.

Don't even get me started on the relationship I have with my tomato seedlings. On a scale from 1 to 10 how creepy is a person who baby-talks to plants?


Hannah said...

Not creepy at all. Says I who sat in front of a potted snap dragon snapping it's little snappers all evening and muttering about just how much I love it.

Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Hmmm, sounds like our moms are very similar... Maybe they're sisters? Your description of your mom working in the garden matches mine to a tee. And no, it's not creepy to talk to plants.

MSmith said...

You are smitten.

Goldilocks said...

Aww, I LOVE it! My mom was the same way. She even loved mowing the grass. And I never ever EVER thought I would say this, but one thing I am looking forward to in my upcoming move/new residence is the small back yard where we will plant herbs, flowers, and possibly a veggie or two! And half of the fun is going to be doing it TOGETHER with The Architect. Sigh...I can't wait!!!

....look around...pigs are flying somewhere!!!