Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend update

This weekend the ear doctor received an awesome award for his research. And, as luck would have it, they wanted to honor him at a banquet in SAN DIEGO. So, being the always supportive wife that I am, I got a plane ticket and joined him for the festivities.

I am SO SO SO glad that they gave him the award this year. Who needs much excuse to take a trip out to California, right? Plus we got to see his parents; an opportunity we don't get nearly often enough. They live in Orange County so they made the quick drive down to the conference see him get his recognition.

As we were sitting in a hotel conference room eating gross convention food I was overwhelmed with pride for my man. He is working so hard and it's kind of amazing to be married to someone who has the potential to be a real leader in his field of expertise!

After the conference we drove up to his parents house a perfect day with them. And, of course no trip out west is complete without a trip to Disneyland. We ate mickeys cookies n cream ice cream sandwiches and watched the last electric light parade.

And, of course, I got a sunburn.


Krillschin said...

Seriously?! We were at Disneyland at the same time! My first experience there btw.

dad said...

I am soooo fortunate to have such magnificant Sons In Law. They both raise the Bar for me, However, I am still the dominator on the golf coarse.