Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a bit of a low

Well, there was no morning dance party for us today.

Yesterday the ear doctor found out some pretty crappy news. The grant application he wrote last year to get his dissertation funded didn't even get READ by the committee who reviews them. It was quite the blow to our little family.

So, in order to cheer my man up I decided to take him to one of those Brazilian steak houses for dinner. The kind of place where guys in funny pants walk around with meat on swords and make you feel bad if you say that you're full and can't possibly eat another mouthful of beef without exploding.

Dinner was awesome...but the hours of food poising I've experienced since have been less than joyful.

So now the ear doctor feels doubly bad that he didn't get the grant AND his special dinner caused me a special morning of laying on our bathroom rug.

I told him that my problems weren't his's those @%$*&#% gauchos!


Kari said...

Granting agencies do not use logic when reading, funding, etc research (as someone who's worked on many projects that we wondered why the heck they funded). Tell him not to dispare...he is a great researcher and it will get funded...


MSmith said...

Sorry about the food poisoning. Call the health department and report it. Love you!